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Spanner A space for any tools that you have found useful and that others can share. They can be online, downloadable, opensource, freeware, shareware......

To add a information about a tool, edit this page and type the name of your new page, select the text and use the link button  to add a link to the new wiki page for your tool. Save the page, click on the link you have created and then click on create page.


Tools by Category


30 Free Image Sources from about.com

Animoto Spice up you presentation to be like film trailers!

Awesome Highlighter - highlight text in a webpage so that when you send a link you can be certain the recipient will know why.

Blogger - Create a blog in 3 easy steps

Bloglines - free-to-use web-based RSS feed aggregator.

citebite Link directly to quotes in Web pages

CiteULike -- 'everyone's library'. An on-line bibliographical database with social sharing features. Think delicious.com for academics.

Crayon_Physics - fantastic motion and gravity prototype game.  So good there has to be a use for it somewhere !

delicious.comThe social boomarking site.

diigo.com: Another social bookmarking site. Delicious compatible but with more features.

doodle,com: Excellent and very simple to use polling tool, ideal for anything from selecting a meeting date to choosing from the christmas lunch menu! - you dont even have to create an account, though doing so is free and gives you more control.

Dotsub - easily add subtitles to your videos. Useful for accessibilty and Welsh language versions.

Dropbox - possibly the simplest on-line backup and sharing tool there is. Install the software, create a "Dropbox" folder and anything you put there is saved automatically on the internet. Install drop boxes on more than one machine and they are all kept in sync. Free option is limited to 2GB.

drop.io - your own slither of web space (100Mb) in which to drop files for accessing later or for sharing (images, video, audio, anything you want) with an RSS feed too !

Elgg - a self-hosted open source community platform.

elgg.com - a social network hosting service (similar to Ning) which is due to launch in May 2010. Not free!

EndNote -- the University standard bibliographic database tool.

EndNote Web -- version of EndNote that can be used from a web browser.

Feed2js - add an RSS feed to your webpages or courses.

Firefox is simply the best browser out there. Essential for the best Web 2.0 experience!

Flowgram (RIP) - create interactive presentations using web pages, powerpoints and documents that are delivered via Flash or converted into movies. Great while it lasted but now has gone to the graveyard in the cloud.

FriendFeed - actually useful lifestreaming site.

Grazr Embed RSS and OPML feeds inside a web page.

Google Chart API create on-demand charts for your web sites using a web service

Google Reader - another free-to-use web-based RSS feed aggregator.

Google SideWiki - annotate any web page (needs Google + Toolbar, IE or Firefox).

H20 create a "playlist" of linked online resources.

Jing: A free, easy to install and easy to use screencasting tool.

levelator free (Java) tool for “levelling” mixed audio (e.g. for podcasts)

Mendeley -- described as "last.fm for researchers". Social network for researchers, shared documents, shared bibliographies, citing tools.

MathTran typeset mathematical formulae into PNG images

MediaInk  a 'post wiki' collaborative tool

MS Photostory3 - free software to convert a series of images into a ‘movie’

News Film Online - 3,000 hours of television news and cinema newsreels.

Ning: Create your own social network for free. (Note: Proposed changes of service announced 16th April 2010)

OpenDisk a freely distributable collection of open source applications, utilities and games for Windows.

picnik - Free software to edit digital images online

ping.fm: Update all your social networks from one place.

pearltrees.com - a web resources curation and sharing tool. See http://www.pearltrees.com/cpjobling/ for an example.

Podcast.net - The Podcast Directory

Podomatic - Create, Find, Share Podcasts!

PortableApps.com  - Portable versions of your favourite free and open source software that you can run on any pc from your pen drive.

Presentation.io - Use your phone to control presentations and share with your audience - account (free!) required

Quandry - an application for creating Web-based Action Mazes.

Remote mouse and keyboard: simple hardware that can give interactivity to tutorials, seminars etc. 

s5 a system for creating slide shows from HTML documents 

Scrapbook - a Firefox extension that allows you to save a webpage - with all its elements - to a local disc with one click. Supports burrowing several layers deep. Also allow you to make notes, highlight, remove elements.

Screenonline - ‘The definitive guide to Britain’s film and TV history.’

Scribd upload and share documents and papers online. 

SlideShare upload and share presentations online.

Text2Mindmap - Text2Mindmap is a web application that creates a mind map out of a list of words, which you can then download as an image.

tiddlywiki a single-user wiki 

trailfire.com - a service that allows you to create a "trail" through interesting web sites, tag and comment your trails, share and rate trails with others. A more generic service than WebSlide. Relies on a browser extension when curating web pages.

trailmeme.com - a similar service to trailfire. From Xerox innovations.

Videora iPod Converter is a free iPod video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD's so you can play them on your iPod.

WebSlide - a service from Diigo.com that converts an RSS feed or a set of (tagged) Diigo bookmarks into an embeddable slide show. See New Tools: WebSlide.

Windows Live Writer - a word processor for bloggers.

wink - Free Open Source tool for making screencasts

zotero is a browser-based tool to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. 


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