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Case Studies

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Below is a growing collection of learning and  teaching innovations by staff here at Swansea University on a wide variety of learning and teaching innovations in areas such as using clickers, discussion boards, group work.....


SALT Case Study:  Self-Paced Polling


SALT Case Study:  Introduction to the fundamentals of Nursing Practice


SALT Case Study:  After Action Reviews in Strategic Project Planning


SALT Case Study:  Bespoke Public Health


SALT Case Study:  Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology


SALT Case Study:  Property Law and Practice


SALT Case Study:  Anatomy in 3D


SALT Case Study:  Children and the Law


SALT Case Study: using Clickers in Anatomy


SALT Case Study: Using the University Archives in Teaching


SALT Case Study: An Athenian Ekklesia to write exam questions?


SALT Case Study: Using a Wiki in Teaching Translation Theory


SALT Case Study: The use of Blogs in Early Childhood Studies


SALT Case Study: Translation workshop and podcasting


SALT Case Study: Strategic Project Planning with WebPA


SALT Case Study: Teaching with Twitter


SALT Case Study: Reflective Journals in Social Work


SALT Case Study: Inter-professional World café on mental health


SALT Case Study: Fieldwork by podcast: first steps towards a virtual geology field course


SALT Case Study: Taking exams on line: does it work and does it save time in marking


SALT Case Study: Use of podcasting in Archaeology


SALT Case Study: Collaborative teaching and video-conferencing in Classics


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